Joe Baum

Director, Product and Services Threat Management
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Joe (Joseph) Baum is an "organically" developed cybersecurity professional operating both a Threat Intelligence and Penetration “Red Team” for Motorola Solutions' Product and [External] Services organization. His organization contributes to the company by collecting and refining intelligence on threats against customers and products, as well as helping Motorola Solutions developers validate their products to meet the cybersecurity integrity needed by customers through penetration testing services that it provides internally or through vendor relationships they manage. In his 29-year tenure with Motorola Solutions, he has developed mission-critical communications solutions for Public Safety, Utility, and Industries at large as a System Architect in many different RF technologies globally.

Joe holds CISSP®, CSSLP®, and CCSP® certifications from (ISC)2 and is also a Certified Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Analyst. He enjoys amateur radio and golf-club smithing.

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